Your home is the apple of your eye – and it deserves to be in the care of a house washing company who feels the same way about it. That’s where Frontline Prime comes in. We treat your home like it’s our own, and that means you get quality that lasts and the service you deserve.

But don’t take our word for it! Before you choose your professional house washing service, make sure that you get answers to a few important questions.

1. Ask About Experience

Ask about years in the business or industry, ask to see before and after pictures, ask to view customer reviews and ratings online. Another great question to ask do you have any local referrals? The reason I bring this up is everybody and their brother says they are a pressure washer – many carpet cleaners and janitorial companies offer it as a side add-on service but lack real experience. If they lack the proper experience, items like wood decks, brick, screens on your home, furniture, and much more can all be damaged with a pressure washer.

2. Ask About Insurance

Ask what type of insurance they have, who with, and for how much. Any legit company will not only have liability insurance, but they also will have workman compensation.  If they start to fumble with this question, ask to see a copy of their insurance policy.  Do NOT let any company pressure wash your home without proper insurance or you will be dealing with any damages in court.

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3. Ask About Credentials

Ask what professional or service organizations they are a part of. If the company is not a fly-by-night company, they should be a member of a few quality organizations such as BBB, UAMCC, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, and others.  If they are, go to those websites and check their ratings for each account. If they are not members of any real organizations or online service providers, you may want to move on.

4. Ask about Chemicals

Ask what type of chemical are they going to use on your surface. Items like brick can sometimes call for a restoration cleaner (acid). Other items like house washing and concrete should just take soaps to clean. Most soaps used during pressure washing should not harm anything and should be eco-friendly. If you do not feel that they are very knowledgable about their chemicals and how they use them, you may want to find someone else for this particular job. Your home and property are too valuable to risk to uneducated, first-timer pressure washers just out for a buck.

5. Ask About Hot Water

If you are trying to remove items like chewing gum from concrete or grease from a drive-through or gas station, you want to make sure the company has a hot water pressure washing machine. Most residential cleanings do not require hot water pressure, but it is good to have if needed.

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6. Ask About Safety

Be sure they are using up to date safety equipment, including safety glasses, gloves, and newer ladders. If they do not take care of their tools or themselves, do you really think they will take care of your property?

7. Ask About Equipment

Ask what type of pressure washer they use.  Is it at least 3,200 PSI?  If not, it will take longer to get your concrete clean.  Does their washer offer soft wash?  If not, your siding could be damaged. Do they have a professional surface cleaner? If not, your driveway may not be as clean as it could be.

8. Ask About Discounts

Any pressure washer worth his weight would love to have you as a customer for life, and not just one job.  Ask if they offer any discounts for long-term contracts, maybe every year for 3 years for a 10% discount.  If they say no, find someone who deserves your business and is looking for more than a quick buck.

When you choose a house washing company who comes with the expertise, the clout, and the proven track record of success, you’re guaranteed a positive experience. Get the complete package with Frontline Prime.

By the way, we can answer all of thee questions thoroughly and honestly, just ask!

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