As a property owner, you don’t just want it to look good, you want it to last and save you money! Roof cleaning lays the foundation for your entire house to last for decades and save you thousands of dollars. In case you needed convincing, here are the top reasons to schedule yours today:

Save money on a roof replacement

The cost to replace a roof usually climbs into five-digit numbers. But often, your shingles don’t need to be swapped out – they just need a deep clean.  A professional soft wash of your roof’s shingles can bring it back to life.

Save your insurance policy

Many insurance companies will penalize – or even cancel your policy if they find that your roof isn’t adequately maintained. Roof cleaning is a responsible maintenance task that should be done every year.

Save money on your energy bill

Gloeocapsa Magma, the bacteria commonly found on roofing, eats at the limestone in your shingles. This causes your shingles to lose their reflective power, which means that they can’t deflect heat. Cleaning your shingles regularly will ensure that your roofing works as it should by keeping excess heat from the sun at bay.

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Save your curb appeal

This one is obvious. A roof covered in black streaks or covered in green algae just doesn’t do much for first impressions – especially if you are trying to sell your house. But clean shingles completely boost your curb appeal.

Save your shingles

Regular roof cleaning is the best way to stretch the lifetime of your shingles. With annual maintenance, your roof will be a positive addition to your home all year long.

Roof cleaning is all about savings. Call Frontline Prime for a roof cleaning estimate today!

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